Video for Educators

Studio 8

Confirmed sessions are listed below; more sessions are pending so check back for full final program!
Wednesday, December 4, 2019
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
The Future of Video Conferencing, Lecture Capture and the Remote Classroom
Rony will explore the latest trends in video and show how automated camera and video production tools can improve the quality of the video conference experience for corporate training, boardroom meetings, remote classrooms and government meetings. She will show examples of new tracking technology that enables a camera to smoothly follow a presenter without the need for a camera operator.  And "smart" systems than can automatically switch the video feed from the camera on the presenter to the student or audience member asking a question in an intelligent way that follows the conversation. She will address the challenges that AV teams face with the latest trend in "multi-use" spaces and how it's possible to design a video solution that can switch from one room configuration to another without custom programming. Anyone who is designing video into a meeting room or lecture hall space will be interested in this session.
12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
High School Video: The Sky's the Limit for Digital Citizenship
With about 27,000 high schools in America, there is a vast potential audience for students and educators to tap the power and potential of using video, video production, and "student TV" as part of a new "literacy," needed in citizenship and the workforce.
Here at Southold HS on Long Island, in New York, our student broadcast (SOHO TV) reaches a weekly audience of about 1,000 viewers.  We have used video to host "live streamed" Election Night coverage of national elections, created Public Service Announcements, produced award winning video packages that were judged by industry experts, and over the past 5 years told the story of life in and around our school community.
This session reveals the why, what, and how video production at the high school level can and should play a prominent role in educating the youth of the United States in the years ahead.
With vivid examples of how video can be used in schools, and specific steps that can be taken at the local level, this session will provide the audience with a step by step guide as to how to launch a Student Video TV broadcasting program with any budget.
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs: Building the Next Generation of Public Media
PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL) is a video journalism program in middle and high schools across the country. Join the founder and students to discuss the power of video journalism in education. We’ll go over the award-winning curriculum, research that shows impact on learning and student development, as well as how teens see the future of news. SRL tackles some of the nation’s most pressing topics such as: youth voting, fake news, immigration, disabilities, future of work, gender stereotypes, and the effect of race, poverty and inequality on opportunity in America. This year, the Labs are reporting on Election 2020, climate solvers, adolescent mental health and education. Student stories are distributed through partnerships and aired on local PBS stations and the "PBS NewsHour" nightly broadcasts – reaching a TV audience of more than 2.4 million a night. In this era of misinformation, polarization and distrust, SRL emphasizes collaboration, respect for multiple perspectives, efforts to understand complex forces in society and the search for truth.
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
When 'Plan A' Fails, Try a Virtual Conference
When historic rainfall caused widespread flooding and canceled their largest conference of the year, the Nebraska Department of Education decided to take this traditionally in-person event online. Hear from Multimedia Specialist Drew Worster on how they pulled off a successful online conference with over 1,200 participants and 4,500 session views with only three weeks notice! We will discuss website construction, UI planning, streaming/web conferencing tools, equipment needs, troubleshooting, feedback, branding, and more.
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