360 Video & Virtual Reality

Studio 6

Thursday, December 5, 2019
1:15 PM - 2:00 PM
Production on the Immersive AR Project '"Inside the Amazon: The Dying Forest"
SeeBoundless, a tech lab, design studio and communication firm whose immersive storytelling and photogrammetry is used by news outlets, educators and organizations around the world, provided TIME Magazine an extensive ground to treetop photogrammetry model of large parts of the Amazon rainforest for their recent expose on deforestation. SeeBoundless’s founder Steve Johnson will show how he helped create the first large scale 3D augmented reality model of the Amazon rainforest, from how to plan and shoot in the Amazon to how to shoot and stitch thousands of images together each day on location. He will detail the tools and processes that he had to use capture the trees and deforestation on a large scale, how they captured images from just above the tree line with trees were constantly in motion and how he worked around unique situations presented scanning in a remote location (such as birds attacking his drones.)
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Video and AR: Ask Me Anything With Stephen Black
Be prepared to ask questions about the future of AR/video interaction, regardless of how how much or little you know about augmented reality. An AR expert, Stephen Black is also the co-creator of an AR character/application called Bubiko Foodtour, an the author of "Bubiko's Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality.
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Virtual Reality in the Real World
Mark Lambert and Ginna Lambert are a father/daughter team traveling the world filming for VArtisans, a Virginia-based production house for VR and 360 video.  Director Mark Lambert will discuss using 360 video in a new documentary series called "The Good Road VR" that filmed in Myanmar and Thailand as well as a documentary on "Active Shooters" that presented psychological profiles and expert discussions on this troubling topic. Director of Photography Ginna Lambert has been involved in 360 video since 2016 and has filmed in 14 countries. Ms. Lambert will give attendees an overview of her thoughts on the power of 360 video in experiential narrative and describe projects like a recent "road trip" project filming from Virginia to California and a documentary she is working on about the Spomenik statues of Croatia.
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
360 Virtual Tours: Lessons Learned in the Twilight Zone
Join Jordan Higgins from U.Group on a journey to another dimension - a dimension unlocked by imagination, but often limited by constraints where expectations of motion and sound rarely exist. Virtual tours can be a powerful way to transport people to another place and see things with an exciting sense of scale and immersion, but static experiences can results in a different kind of uncanny valley. In this presentation Jordan will share lessons learned on a recent virtual tour project for architectural visualization, and detail the tools and techniques that bring higher levels of realism and interactivity while not leaving your audience stranded in the Twilight Zone.
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