Full Name
Steve Johnson Johnson
Job Title
Steve Johnson is a photojournalist, technologist, professor and entrepreneur leading the charge in immersive storytelling across news organizations, non profits and universities.
His company, SeeBoundless, works tirelessly innovating news gathering practices, rewriting university courses to include immersive storytelling and finding new ways for audiences to learn about the world around them.
Partnering with non profits and foundations, his work has helped drive the narrative on inclusive healthy places, early childhood development, health equity and inclusiveness in higher education.
His work in 2019 with augmented reality news takes audiences into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest using Apple's ARKit technology - the first AR driven investigative journalism project ever.
Working with fellow journalists to write the manual on immersive storytelling, he has developed standards and practices, ethics guidelines and tools that are used among news organizations and universities nation-wide. His stories can be found in the pages and websites of TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, Quartz, and The New York Times.
Steve Johnson Johnson