TIVA- the Television, Internet and Video Association of DC
(www.TIVADC.org), is a  not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, formed
over 30 years ago, to serve the needs of the growing Washington, DC,
Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware region’s
media production community. Focused on these burgeoning local and
regional markets, TIVA offers an entrée into a world of career
opportunities through new-industry technology seminars, educational
outreach meetings, mentoring, and the prestigious, annual TIVA Peer
Awards Gala event- the largest event of its kind, recognizing excellence
in achievement in over 70 different production and skill categories.
Membership Benefits include many opportunities for its members to
promote and market their services, as well as offering its members a
constantly growing number of ways to network, connect and collaborate.
TIVA also provides an easily accessible and active forum for those
seeking professional advice, technical assistance, and cutting edge
industry updates. TIVA-DC is a collaborating sponsor of The Video Show –
the region's largest industry trade show. For the second year in a row,
TIVA will co-sponsor the 'TIVA-DC/The Video Show LIVE STREAMING Booth'
at the TIVA table location, and conduct promotional interviews with The
Video Show Exhibitors, panelists and speakers.