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Exhibitors covering categories including cameras, action cams, drones, gimbals, lenses, filters, editing & post-production software, lighting, microphones, sound mixing and audio equipment, online, offline and mobile storage, bags and hard cases, monitors, props, training, tripods, FX, web solutions, 360° video hardware and many more...




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Once registered be sure to upgrade to our Access All Areas pass, where you can attend over 100 sessions in 8 studios across the 2 days. Find ideas & inspiration, learn the latest techniques, hear from the best in the business and sharpen your skills. 




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Whether you're a budding filmmaker, a professional videographer, a vlogger or an online content creator, The Video Show has everything you need to expand your moving image production horizons. Get your hands on the latest gear, try out new techniques and learn about different aspects of videography from some of the best names in the industry.


The Video Show 2019 Preview

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