Full Name
Tim Reyburn Reyburn
Job Title
CEO & Founder
Ticoscen Inc.
Tim Reyburn’s company, Ticoscen Inc.,specializes in expert Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) calibration, repair services and field service support. The Ticoscen headquarters is located near several major airports in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, near Washington, D.C. This allows our team to be efficient and responsive to client needs via air and surface travel. Ticoscen’s local, national and international ELSD clientele benefit from Tim’s years of hands-on experience, calibration knowledge, methods development and troubleshooting skills. He is also a college graduate in Electronics Technology from NVCC.

Reyburn, is known as “The ELSD Guy” and really knows how to keep companies’ ELSD instruments compliant with FDA regulations, metrology, validation, and calibration. Tim also wrote the reference SOPs, IQ/OQ/PQ-PV’s and TRUE PM’s procedures and can fix things right down to PC-board component level which includes replacement of surface mount chips in the field. Tim is also very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the different brands of ELSDs currently on the market. Tim has further honed his Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors and HPLC troubleshooting skills for the past 25 years at Ticoscen and developed the Gas AC Mizer control/automation product line.
Tim Reyburn Reyburn