Full Name
Fred Gerling Gerling
Job Title
Founder and President
Gerling & Associates
With being a seasoned veteran of the Broadcast Television Industry, Fred Gerling founded Gerling & Associates, Inc., as an outgrowth of his experience in Broadcast Television. His lifelong commitment to Broadcast Communications has guided the development of the company that bears his name. Because of this, Gerling & Associates is a Broadcast and Communications firm that specializes in customized vehicles—not a customized vehicle manufacturer that has recently entered the Broadcast and Communications business. Today, Fred Gerling's name is synonymous with Remote Television vehicles. Fred's personal commitment to customer satisfaction is shared by everyone at Gerling —and remains the most significant factor in Gerling & Associates' undisputed position as industry leader. Fred's desire to take our remote television experience to other industries has enabled Gerling & Associates to gain a major foothold in Mobile Command, Crime Scene Investigation, Homeland Security and Promotional Vehicles of all types. Fred has encouraged the design teams at G&A to develop unique solutions for all of these applications. It takes vision to understand how advantages learned in one business can solve issues and problems for other mobile industries. Fred has promoted all of these values to the entire staff very effectively.
Fred Gerling Gerling