Full Name
Geoffrey Roth Roth
Job Title
News Director
KMTV Omaha
Geoff Roth is the News Director at KMTV, the Scripps-owned CBS affiliate in Omaha, NE. He built the first iPhone-based TV newsroom in the country at WJZY in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, he has converted other TV newsrooms and trained their staff to use mobile-journalism kits to shoot, edit and transmit stories, as well as go live on location. At KTSF in San Francisco, he converted the entire news department that serves the Bay Area's Chinese community to an all mobile-journalism workflow. He began his career as part of the original team that started CNN. In 2010, the graduating class at Hofstra University selected him as Teacher of the Year in journalism, media studies and public relations. He also runs MoJo Navigator, a mobile video production and training company.
Geoffrey Roth Roth