Full Name
Deirdre Evans-Pritchard Evans-Pritchard
Job Title
Executive Director
DC Independent Film Festival
Deirdre Evans-Pritchard / Executive Director and Programmer spent years integrating digital media and arts into higher education with projects like Kidding Around: The Child in Film and Media Conference & Festival, documentaries for A&E and The Learning Channel and programming for Channel 98. Years ago she was the program editor for the Anthropos Documentary Film Festival at AFI in Los Angeles. Previously DCIFF’s director of the “Filmmakers on the Hill” Forum, 2012 was her first year as festival director. A Senior Fulbright Scholar in Communications to Lebanon, visiting faculty at the University of Southern California’s Center for Visual Anthropology and adjunct faculty at the USC Cinema School, she describes herself as a translator: between cultures, mediums and creative spaces. She is developing an interactive exhibition on the Screen as a transformative tool and researches visual literacy.
Deirdre Evans-Pritchard Evans-Pritchard