Drowning in the Video Stream? Here’s How AI Can Help
Date & Time
Thursday, December 5, 2019, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Tim MacGregor MacGregor
Drowning in the Video Stream? Here’s How AI Can Help
From binge-watching TV-shows, to watching sports and sharing business updates during an all-hands company meeting, live and on-demand streaming video touches every part of our daily lives. As streaming video becomes the norm, viewer expectations have increased, challenging providers to deliver highly engaging and accessible experiences. In order to meet the demand, broadcasters and publishers across the M&E and enterprise industries need solutions that give insight into their largely unstructured content libraries and help fully unlock the power of video.
This is where AI-enhanced streaming video technology comes into play. By integrating AI into their streaming processes, content providers can understand exactly what is in each video scene and create robust, searchable libraries of archival footage, helping to both streamline production workflows and deliver entertaining viewer experiences. Broadcasters can also leverage AI to automatically analyze, identify, and generate the most engaging highlights to use in a video segment, whether that is for a sporting event or local news update. In this session, IBM Watson Media’s Tim MacGregor will describe how to develop AI-powered video solutions, discuss how this technology improves efficiency within M&E and enterprise businesses, and demonstrate its impact on viewers at the end of the pipeline.
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Studio 1
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Walter E Washington Convention Center,
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